Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Day 9 - Liverpool

I had but walked out of the railway station when I stumbled upon the Museum Quarter. Impressed by the classic façade, but even more by the huge sign on it saying "FREE entry", I hurried inside the Walker museum. And inside I discovered two incredible special exhibitions: one of Josh Kirby's work (illustrator of most of Pratchett's novels, among other things) and another of a Peter Chang, who turns out to be outstandingly brilliant.

I had a lot of fun in both exhibitions. I loved seeing the originals (they're all illustrations on paper, classic style) for the Discworld books, among which was the one I carried in my sack.

And I also loved the crazy and great looking alien designs of this Chang guy.

I stayed until they kicked me out. And that was the high point in Liverpool. From there, it was all downhill.

As the hostel was well away from the city centre, I resolved to see as much of it as possible before going there. So I took a stroll around, saw the very famous club "The Cavern" (of which I had heard nothing before, but apparently was important in the Beatles era) and the Beatles memorial in front of it, the docks an a bit of the centre.

All in all, it's not a beautiful city.

At sundown, it was suddently very cold, with a cutting wind that froze my bones, so I started the 45 min pilgrimage to the hostel. I arrived there tired, quite depressed and feeling lonely, and finding myself in quite a dead place and alone in my room wasn't too good for my spirits.

That was, no doubt, the lowest point of the whole trip so far.


MasterMan said...

Better late than never

Yiyi said...

Pues ahora que los malos momentos han pasado, ya s'olo queda el sol de la manana que te da los buenos d'ias. ??

'Animo en lo que te quede de viaje.
Nus veremus arg'un d'ia.