Thursday, 9 August 2007

Day 1 - Dover

Oh, yes, I love Dover too. Except for a couple of ugly, industrial-looking buildings, it's quite a pretty town. And it has the sea. And the Castle. And the Cliffs. As soon as I arrive, I find out at the Tourist Info that visiting the Castle is a mere 9 quid. Bah, small change. Anyway, I think it better not to go, just in case it takes too long, or I turn out to be afraid of heights or anything.

Instead, after a quick snack and a long chat with two nice german girl backpackers, I set off for the Cliffs. I cross the town, the Marine Parade, and I climb the cliffs just above the ferry terminal. Nice view of Calais from up there, whick looks much closer than I thought. Hello, Europe. Nice to see you again.

White cliffs country(, the leaflet says. Well, it's true. White cliffs they are. Cliffs of chalk. Now I understand better what Terry Pratchett means by "chalk country" (in The Wee Free Men, A hat full of sky, etc). It really is.

After I while and a lot of pictures of myself on cliffs, I realize it's time to go if I want to get to Brighton (though actually Hove) in time. I'm staying there with my friend Paula for a couple of nights, and I don't want to arrive too late today. And yet, as I get to the train station, I notice on the map a small town by the name of Sandwich, and a train to it on platform 1. I think no further and hop on it.

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