Friday, 24 August 2007

Day 14 - Inverness & Loch Ness

I just loved Inverness as soon as I arrived. I couldn't say why, I just did. Maybe it was the river, maybe the footpaths along it, maybe it was the 100m that separate the Tesco from the hostel, or maybe that I had just arrived from Aberdeen. Whatever the reason, it was love at first sight, and it burns still.

But Loch Ness was nearby and I thought it a good idea to make the most of the day and go there at once. The bus was a mere £8.40 return for a 30 min ride. For that price, I expected an on-board buffet and cocktail bar, but found no trace of it.

I alighted at Urquhart Castle only to find the admission to the grounds to be valued at £6.50, adults and students alike. Therefore I turned on my heels and promptly trespassed on several neighbouring properties, looking for a nice spot for a photo. I found it and made good use of it, obtaining material for a whole look-there-it-is Flickr photo set, with Nessie to be photoshopped on later.

After investing some more time in lake-gazing, hill-looking and sheep-spotting, I thought it prudent to return to civilization, at which point I extracted my bus timetable, only to discover in dismay that the next bus was due in 3 hours.

I dragged my feet 2km down to Drumnadrochit, the nearest excuse for a town, wondering how I was going to fill 3 hours of my life in this great big damp nothingness. I tried to get on a boat for some Nessie hunting, but the last expedition had already departed, so I just loitered about the souvenir shop, delving through piles of Nessie themed fridge magnets, key chains and the like, until boredom made its way into my life.

I left, extracted what entertainment I could from my wikipedialess, mp3less, bookless PDA and wrote a couple of blog entries, then just sat in the sun until the bus appeared on scene.

Back in Inverness, I enjoyed a stunning sunset on the banks of the Ness and treated myself to a cheap and very nourishing Tesco dinner.

A wonderful day, really.

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MakurA said...

Hello Kato, my little yellow friend, I am Home!

Vale, vale, siempre he deseado postear tamaƱa chorrada en inglis, no lo he podido evitar xDDD

And what the hell is all this stranpanglish shit? Yeah, just that, strange spanglish shit. But don´t worry, it´s finishing =P

Keep enjoying, keep walking and keep keeping, will U?

Nos vemos, nos leemos =)

PS. Nessie Doobie Doo? Where are you?!