Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Day 4 - The railway to Oxford

I had to change trains at Plymouth, so I grabbed the opportunity and used the 40 minutes in between them to make a quick recon mission of the city.

I couldn't see much, of course, but I think it was enough. "Welcome to Plymouth, Home to the Royal Navy" is the first thing you can read when you get out of the railway station. It does say a bit about the city, doesn't it?

I haven't seen more urban trash than here in Britain yet. Several separate individuals were very interested in finding out if I had any spare change. It turned out I didn't, so they focused their curiosity on someone else.

There's a nice park that goes all the way to the sea and a small lighthouse, with a small golf course and lots of nice lawn, a couple of interesting buildings, though nothing extraordinary, and the Royal Navy ships in their shipyards.

I ran to the station, narrowly arrived in time, had to change again at some place called Writing (or Comprehension or something), and arrived to Oxford too late in the evening to do anything interesting.

So I took a stroll around the town, which was bustling with young people going to clubs (pubs were already closing), found loads of free WiFis and thus felt I was back to civilization.

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