Monday, 20 August 2007

Day 12 - Leaving England

After heartfelt goodbyes to Shuo and Hiro under a Bloody British Rain, I hop on board The Flying Scotsman route.

I fly through the fields, by the cliffs, over the splashing sea, around the green hills, past Hadrian's wall, away from England and head-first into Scotland.

On the way, I pass Durham and Newcastle and regret so much not having the time to make a stop there. But time is scarce, and I've already spent most of it. Ahead of me, five days to see Scotland and four days for a glimpse of Ireland.

Behind me, days of travel and joy, through the green, yellow and hedgy soft hills of England. I've seen quite a lot, but there are still some other places I would have liked to visit, yet couldn't get the time. Bristol and the Lake District come to mind.

My plans for Scotland include going all the way to the edge of the Isle of Skye (after Aberdeen and Inverness), so I can just hope I'll find transport and accomodation to do that.

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