Thursday, 9 August 2007

Day 1 - Sandwich

It turns out there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING here. Small residential town, a couple of parks, some ruins of a wall or something. Nothing here worth waiting another hour for the train for.

But there is one thing for me here. I just had to take this picture:

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Yiyi said...

Hey t'io!

Qu'e estoy leyendo tu post y todo, ok?

Lo 'unico es que se me hab'ia olvidado que te ibas para las islas. Weno lo ten'ia en mente pero se me hab'ia pirado la olla del d'ia que marchabas.

Por cierto, nice sandwich!
And by the way, your English looks awesome, you are gonna have to teach me some!

I hope you are doing good (it seems so), and you can show me all the nice pictures you can post in flickr.

Hope to see you sane and healthy in September.
Bye bye!

P.S: By the way, you can see how I follow your advice about a blog.