Thursday, 9 August 2007

Day 1 - Canterbury

I exchange some money at a Swindler's and hop on the first train to Tonbridge, where I hop off it and on another one to Canterbury.

And wow, I just love Canterbury. Well, all of Kent actually. I don't know what I'll find further on, it might be the same all over England, but Kent is just so marvelously English. Seriously. Rolling hills of green and gold, rolled up bales of straw, cute little English houses, and tons and tons of sheep. Holy sheep! I'd never seen such a sheepload of sheep before. What do they do with them? Biofuel?

Anyway, I like Canterbury. It's small and cute, and though it's horribly touristic and full of all the shops you might care to think of, they've managed to keep the town looking medieval enough. There are a couple of cute gardens to stroll in, a thousand-year-old Norman keep still standing, together with the walls and a couple of towers and some other really old-looking buildings. But of course, the main thing to Canterbury is the Cathedral.

It costs something in the order of 6 pounds to see it before 5:30 PM, so I decided that in the evening it would surely look best. You know, because of the angle of the sunlight and all that.

In the meantime, I thought, why not go to Dover?

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