Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Day 16 - Island Hopping

I arrive better soon than sorry at Prestwick International, and experience a boring wait until the boarding of my flight, the last of the day.

The plane leaves 5min early, and arrives in Dublin 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, to the most hilarious prerecorded sound of a loud happy trumpet and a "Congratulations, your flight has landed on time". Some people start cheering and clapping like mad, which makes it all very funny, and worth the money even for just a comedy show.

At the airpot, I settle comfortably to sleep, and do so, probably loudly, until a kind policeman asks me to go and sleep with everybody else in the Dormitory, also known as Arrivals Lounge. I find a free seat in between the rest of the snoring biomass and join the common activity.

In the morning, I discover that Dublin is much bigger than I thought, and I don't have maps to it on my mobile, so I get the first bus to Heuston Station and thus pay my first expensive bus ride in euros (6€). I also discover on the way how incredibly kind, polite and obliging Irish people are. I thought the same of the English and the Scots (and still do), but I was told "wait till you see Ireland". And they were right, this is just crazy.

I love it.

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Yiyi said...

Cu'ando se acaban tus vacaciones??
Parecen eternas!!