Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Day 5 - George Orwell's Grave

"Not many people know he's buried here, so I'm trying to spread the word through the Internet"

I think that's a fairly accurate reporting of the words of the priest at All Saint's Church. I was in Sutton Courtenay, an almost completely unknown and easily overlooked small town south of Oxford. And I was standing in front of George Orwell's grave.

"Here lies ERIC ARTHUR BLAIR, born June 25, 1903, died January 21, 1950", was the inscription on the gravestone. Just that. A simple stone, a simple inscription, two rose bushes growing on his grave. There lies one of the most important authors of the last century.

The man left me to my thoughts, and I thought them, took my pictures, chatted a while with some other people who had come to see "the most famous grave", in the priest's words.

Then I left and went back to Didcot Parkway (closest train station to Sutton Courtenay, 1h walking). I managed to get lost, notwithstanding the TomTom in my pocket, so I walked my feet numb and arrived exhausted, and much later than expected, to Bath.

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Parte Transantlantica said...

There Be Dragons,
Orwell's Grave ??

Variado el paisaje que elijes, parece que vas a los lugares donde no hay nada!!

Bueno, puee que no haya nada, pero yo creo que s'i que hay un lugar para la reflexi'on y para ese aventurero en el que te est'as transformando.

Sigue por esos parajes alegremente danzando, parece que vas mejorando tu ingl'es (alguno de los dos ten'ia que hacerlo), y eso es bueno.

Por cierto, guardo un ojo a tus fotos de internet, as'i que, si en alg'un momento te sientes observado, piensa en m'i.

Hasta luego locoooOOooOOooOOOOoo