Friday, 24 August 2007

Day 16 - Back to the Lowlands

I spent the early morning just walking around the city and the small islands up the Ness and enjoying it very much. I also visited the small Inverness museum, which I liked so much that I donated to it my last pennies through an ingenious musical donation box (I found nothing to spend them on at the Tesco, except a 15p Paracetamol box I dont need).

Then I hurried and caught the 12:19 to Aberdeen, where I at last met my pal Dave, whom I couldn't meet before on account of his being fighting for his life at the hospital. Pss, excuses, excuses.

He showed me his city like a professional, and apart from learning loads of stuff, I even came to like Aberdeen, in a certain sort of way. Most probably the clear blue sky and heavy sunshine helped a bit. Everybody goes crazy in Aberdeen when the sun shines, and no wonder.

I slept badly from there to Glasgow Queen Street, awakening constantly from the sudden jerks the train was so intent on performing. I alighted heavy-lided and in bad need of some serious sleeping, but plunged on to walk the streets for an hour. After this Express Tourism® I specialize in, I hopped on the train to Prestwick International, where I was about to fall asleep when a smell of manure smashed against my nose with the mass of a cannonball. I was suddently very awake.

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