Thursday, 27 December 2007


Though not that wild, actually. Cleland Wildlife Park is a place I can't cease to recommend to everyone I meet. You can of course see echidnas, wombats, wallabies, emus, snakes, lizards and tons of birds in lots of other places.

But few are your occasions of feeding and petting kangaroos and koalas. Let me introduce you to my new friends:

Skippy the kangaroo

and Collie the koala!

I wanted to cuddle a wombat* too, but apparently they don’t appreciate it and bite. I didn’t try it with the emus* either, and nor did anybody else. They have a way of looking mean, mad and dangerous up close, without actually doing anything to account for it. I think it’s those big bright eyes and the mocking smile. And the mechanical, robotic way they walk. I can’t help thinking of an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars driven by The Joker.

But actually, the only really wild and potentially dangerous creature I saw was a kangaroo just outside the fence, that started growling and showing me its teeth as soon as I approached. I gather he had come because of the scent of the females inside, and he was quite angry because he couldn’t pass the fence. When I first approached the park, I was impressed by the security measures. Barbed wire, electrified fences, double fence lines in some places. It looked rather like a concentration camp or Jurassic Park. I thought, boy, there’s no way I’m getting in there for free. I was ready to spend $13 on the admission fee, but then, whaddya know, the rear door was open. Turns out those fences are more for keeping inmates in and other animals out.

But back to our stray ’roo. From behind the fence, I amused myself watching the poor enraged bastard. He hissed and he growled, and made aggressive gestures, which was really funny to watch. That is, funny from behind an electrified barrier. Now I have the proof of the roos’ famous bad temper.

*wombat = a marsupial halfway between a pig and a mole

*emu = a mean-looking ostrich


Anonymous said...

Holaaaaa! Por fin me he pasado por aqui para ver como te va por esas tierras lejanas, y me encuentro con esas dos fotos, que son una pasada!!!! Sobre todo la del koala, que genial! Bueno y ya aprovecho y te felicito las navidades y el año nuevo, de parte de una que esta aqui en Madrid currando y pasando frio:P que bien viven algunos!!!!
1beso. Soffi

Nachenko said...

Soy Nachenko y en estos momentos te estoy enviando rayos mentales de envidia de la mala. Que mi energía envidiante te dé alcance.


maw said...

Collie mmmm,cool. Better than the teddy-I-don't-know-what-on your bed...

MasterMan said...

Soffi: Thx! Feliz anyo!!

Nachenko: Sufre! ^_^

maw: "small grey incontinent teddy bear"

Feliz happy new year!

MakurA said...

Habrá que ver las afotos en Flicker, porque en el blog no me cargan... Snif, sniff!

Muy graciosos tus post sobre animales, se te escapa el lado tierno con los bichos xDDD


PS. "temjml" =P

Yiyi said...

Skippy y Collie,
creo que te dejaste la imaginación y la creatividad en escribir el blog y no en los nombres de tus amigas las mascotas ;-P
Weno, por la puerta de atrás como La Maestranza!