Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Go West
Life is peaceful there
Go West
There in the open air
Go West
Where the skies are blue
Go West
This is what we're gonna do

Life is certainly peaceful in Perth. Sedated, even. After a while, dull. That is, according to the many travelers I've met. I myself haven't had the chance to get bored, and I've actually found it to be quite lively. Looks like I've hit the Interesting Times here: Christmas time. I can easily tell, for the city is packed full. It took me a long long time to find accommodation, and it was of the expensive sort. They say I've hit the "good" hostel though, and I've heard some really interesting stories of what the bad ones are like.

The very day I arrived they had a big parade through the city, with loads of colourful coaches and people dressed up funny, doing crazy choreographies. Dancers, clowns, jugglers, drum-banging hordes of asians, the full set. And the pipers, of course. Heaps of them. Can't have a parade without the pipers, stands to reason.

Then I met the locals and went out for a few beers too many. It was great fun.

Fremantle (the port of Perth) is fun on weekends. I love browsing through stalls in the markets, gaping at every cheap souvenir with a sprayed kangaroo on it. No comparison to the Victoria Market in Melbourne or Paddy's Markets in Sydney, but they're still cool enough. Fremantle also has a bit of history to it, and that's a plus.

Met the first two Spanish guys since Sydney (a rarity themselves in these parts), jolly good chaps both of them, with lots of stories to tell. It felt surprisingly good to have someone to speak Spanish to. I was tired of meeting german and dutch people, with their secret codes of communication. It was fun to use my own for a while.

Then Justo and I went to Scarborough for some beaching, but the day was pretty windy, so we came back up to our ears in sand.

On my last day I finally climbed to King's Park for some nice views of the city. They say it's prettier at sundown, but I had to get going.

All in all, though I've enjoyed my time there, met a truckload of cool people and had heaps of fun, I haven't done much in Perth itself. I suppose there just isn't much to do. It's just a nice place, with a "relaxed and laid-back" atmosphere. A place where it's common to get a nod, a smile and an "Oaryagoin' mate!" from people you pass on the street. Really homely for a city its size.

And then I suppose there's always the museums and zoos to visit. I would've done that, with a few more days to spare. But alas, time is scarce. Gotta get hopping on to Adelaide.


maw said...

Go west...of Perth?For a green Christmas,maybe South to South-east

MasterMan said...

Perth is the West.

Now I'm East. For Christmas, I'm going North, which is the South, though it's actually the Center, and Nowhere at the same time.

MakurA said...

Ho, ho, ho! Feliz Navidad! (Y reímos la gracia barriosesamera sobre direcciones ^.^' )

Dios, que deja-vu más tocho estoy teniendo mientras escribo esto...

En fins, que leído el blog y vistas las fotos (olvida mis preguntas sobre las ratas, ya sé Kung-Fu) me despido hasta mi pro´xmoa conexión y/o tu próximo post/mail.

Me ha parecido muy adecuado y especialmente gay la canción de los Pet Shop Boys encabezando el post, esto ya va tomando forma! Así me gusta que le demos la personalidad correcta al blog! xDDD

Un abrazo muy fuerte!

PS. "wxarbqn"? Waaaxaaaaaarrrrrbqn!!! =P

dacoga said...

ey felices fiestas y todas esas cosas tan entrañables que se suelen decir , cuidate que aqui hay gente que te espera , por cierto ya sabes , si se mueve es venenoso

paumickey said...

Hei!!!Weno lo primero felicitart las fiestas!!! Haven't got a doubt you will have a great time these special days. Me cojieron en el Tajo Escocés jejej, yesterday was my first day.It's good 'cause of the pelillas but I'm alone with my dad in Christmas...
Anyway, q pasada los canguros!! se dejan tocar!!! y la foto con el koala tan cerquita...Erann palícanos los de la foto? son enormous!!!!!!!!!

Parte Transantlantica said...

You say Go West, though you are in the East for me, so let's say go West in the East, which for a psychoanalist this would mean you are really longing to come back home to "hug" me ¿?
No Aborigens yet? MMmmmmmMMMm...
Is there a Finisterra for them there?

Bueno, recuerda el buen consejo que te dio el colega: si se mueve, es venenoso.

Truman, ponle el Capote a la vida.
Felices Fiestas though sure you are not feeling lonely, you got yourself, and that for autosufficient people like you, is more than enough.

Bye, bye!

MasterMan said...

Though this is quite off-topic, thank you all, and merry christmas to all those of you who celebrate that.

I myself have had the merriest christmas ever.