Saturday, 8 December 2007

Tassie is an island's name

I'm in love with Tassie. She's a wonderful beautiful incredible place.

There's so much Nature happening around you at all times that you can't have enough of it in a lifetime. If you need to be alone, you just need to choose your background: mountains, beaches, forests, lakes, hills and rivers are all around you, a stone's throw away. Wherever you go, if you skip the highways, it's likely you won't meet anyone for hours.

Though there's little reason for not wanting to meet'em. Tassie people are cheerful, jolly-spirited, and so unbelievably friendly you'd think you're best friends with everyone. They greet you with delight and a big shining smile, and most often crack a joke in the first 5 seconds.

Cities and towns are all safe and clean, and really friendly to the pedestrian. Though I reckon this could be said for most of Australia, it's certainly true here. It's hard to get lost; streets are clearly labeled, and there are signposts pointing to anything interesting. And you'll never be left wanting for a toilet or a sip of water, even on a remote track in the middle of the forest.

But sure, not everything's perfect. First there's the weather. Tasmanian weather is proverbially unpredictable and quick-changing. One minute the sun burns through your skin like a blowtorch, the next it's raining possums and dingoes. Now it's hot, now it's chilly, now it's clouded, now it's windy.

And then there's the roads. Tasmanian roads suck. Really big time. They're all narrow and winding, and many are unsealed*. People drive fast on 4wd utes with high clearance, raising dust clouds, which is a bit unnerving at times. So no cicling in Tasmania, however hardcore you might be.

And there's the roadkill, of course.
To the best of my knowledge, I've managed to spare the lives of all adventurous furry and feathery creatures that crossed my path, but I could have been less lucky and hit a big one.

But loved it, loved it, loved it and had a wonderful time.

To anyone going to Tassie I would recommend:
- Do go, it's really worth it.
- Go in summer, the winter is cold and humid.
- If you're in Hobart:
-- Climb Mount Wellington
-- Stay at the Hobart Hostel
-- And get out of Hobart!!
- Get a car, or bus pass if you have more time than money.
- Don't miss any NP, they're worth it.
- Meet the locals, you'll have fun.

*Unsealed road = gravel road = dirt track = track a goat would not venture onto


maw said...

I gather Tassie is full of Aussies smiling shiny smileys as they tell you funny stories...

paumickey said...

I just love the pictures you've made. It's really pretty down there...those beaches, those forests, those colours in the sky... just wonderful..........
Dan ganas de irse lejos de la ciudad...

MakurA said...

Hambre, hay cabras y cabras... Que esas de Mrotadelo y Filemón son muy ways y capaces xDDD

Me siento un poco blasfemo posteando en espanish... ='(

Sigamos con la protesta "silenciosa": "jcskhbxy". Tío, estpy perdiendo puntos de cordura! Seguro que si pornuncio en voz alta tres veces aparece un Primigenio!