Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Picture this: Hundreds of thousands of solid rock pillars, boldly reaching for the blue sky again, through the sand and the wind, like the once mighty trees that made them... while slowly crumbling away, constantly, inevitably, eroding, bit by bit disintegrating into more sand, joining the infinite surrounding dunes... then blown away and away, over the hills and beyond the horizon, fine dust subtly flying into oblivion.

That's the Pinnacles. Beautiful, isn't it?


maw said...

Well, the one on the right almost in the centre of the foreground looks like the God of the Kangaroos telling a story and the other seems to listen
and say,"Really? It's flabbergasting, mate!"

MakurA said...

Son como los chupachups del viento del desierto! Algo tendrá que hacer el pobre, que se aburriría mucho si no =D

Si lo piensas en serio da para rayarse un rato...

Esta no es muy chunga: "avgkvp" =P

yiyi said...

Al fin algo con sentimiento y poesía!