Saturday, 8 December 2007


The great huge empty dry flat plain nothingness in the way from Adelaide to Perth, crossed by the straightest 478km of railway track in the world.

Staring out of the window while crossing it has a certain hypnotic effect. A rough mat of greenish gray covers the reddish floor. No tree or house or any other point of reference in sight, just the same cloned scrub at irregular intervals on a flat flat plain, stretching to a heated blurry horizon and the infinite unknown nothingness behind. This same landscape keeps repeating itself, rolling on in front of your eyes, again and again, like a conveyor belt, on and on, until it starts revolving around itself, and becomes a whirling disc of scrubby shrubs and red dirt, and the horizon is a wobbly mirage, you can see the sea and almost the surfers and the disc is spinning, and now it's you that are going in circles around it all, in a huge infinite merry-go-round that will take you nowhere and never let you go, until your bones too lie spinning in the sun, clean and white, on the red red earth.

But the spell is broken when the train stops at a place that only exists as a name on the map and a bent signpost by the track, where people have gathered because the coming of the train is the big event of the week, probably of the month, possibly of the year. Aboriginal people, coming from a rumoured settlement over the horizon, driving the same white utes, with the trunk full of kids, coming for a free one-hour concert.

Then comes Cook, the ghost town in the approximate middle of the very precise nowhere, with abandoned buildings, rusting old wrecks, and a population of 2, who run a souvenir shop. There you really realize how far away you are from anything whatsoever.

Then the disc starts spinning again.


maw said...

Missing you but so happy for your experiences that I make do...
You are discovering yourself little by little:there you are, at your best, says I, for when you alliterate you pour yourself into the text,your experience IS the text,you are the text.

paumickey said...

I forgot to tell u you were right. My life's just beginning (tiene tantas n's?)just three days ago I was lost, without plans, but now I've got so many things to think about... (aunq sea por razones un poco...)
Anyway, I also forgot to tell u... I'M GOING TO EGYPT!!! I'll go with Sofia's class and it's a planned journey but it's Egypt!!!!
I liked very much your last post,u put the right words together and when I read it it's like being there... thanks for that
Take care

PD: menuda palabreja teno q descifrar!!! me parece q the more u write, the more difficult the letters are to decipher...grr

daco GAGA said...

ey tiuu k tal!!! has estado en una autentica ciudad fantasma!! habia plantas rodadors? jeje , y los aborigenes que tal son? bueno cuidate y ya sabes si se mueve es venenoso

MakurA said...

"Si se mueve es venenoso" (dijo Dacoga) Sabia filosofía de vida xDDD

Tío, el post parecía sacado de un relato de Stephen King, que way! =D

Hala, a seguir descifrando letrujas, aunque esta es fácil: "svzxd" Menos mal! ^.^'