Saturday, 1 December 2007

On the road again

I've rented a car for 5 days. Here comes a piece out of my road diary.

From time to time, a yellow sign says "Narrow winding road - next 7km". They could save themselves the trouble of planting that sign. All Tasmanian roads are narrow and winding.

They're also lined with roadkill of all shapes and sizes. It's like a macabre zoo, an ongoing exhibition of dead animals. Here you can see a dead wallaby, that's a Decomposing Wombat. Oh, and don't miss the decom-possums...

Crows are everywhere, feeding off the roadside carcasses. No wonder they are thriving here. Quote the raven: "yum, yum"

This island is so full of life that you meet Death on every corner.


maw said...

And where does the long and winding road lead you?

MakurA said...

"I love those human, yum, yum!" xDDD

Juer, que envidia, estás viviendo el sueño americano en Australia! =D

No sé si spamearte un pofquito en todos los post, o mucho en uno solo ^.^' Imagino que te espamearé un poco en cada uno para poder decir cuando vuelvas "Viste como siempre posteaba?" =P

PS. "Qmumfa"? Juer, suena a nombre del Rey León! Esta vez sí que acierto a la primera! Yuhuu!