Saturday, 8 December 2007


When green is the color and blue is the contrast
When the road is a mirror and the sky is on fire
When the world is all fields and a tree is an island

When the water is soothing and the sand is your bed
When the sun is ablaze and the rain is not wet
When the void is not empty and the stars are misplaced
When the rays pierce the clouds and the wind's in your face
When now is the time and here the place

When the light blasts the shadows and they lay on the ground
When the North is the South and the Earth is so round

When a mountain's a stone and the sky is the limit
When the sunset's the end and the dawn the beginning
When life is a road and your maps are misleading

Then you know you're alive and you know you are living


maw said...

Wonderfully rhythmic, deeply heartfelt

paumickey said...

I'm back! I read your mail, THANKS.
I was in a little village of Toledo with my grandpas and aunt so I couldn't post before.
I've just read the poem and I don't have words to describe the feeling.
Voy a seguir leyendo q has escrito muxo desde q me fui.
See u on the next post hehhe

MakurA said...

Menos postear y más leer me digo a mi mismo =)

Sigo poniéndome al día! =P

PS. "ntrcx" Esto parece el nombre de un disco trance... Por lo menos se lee bien xDDD

Anonymous said...

haaaaaa haaaaaaa(risa de nelson)
además poesía tendría que nacer otra vez para alcanzar ese nivel de inglés, como te odio :P