Sunday, 2 December 2007


Today I've seen my first wallabies*. More accurately, today I've almost run over my first wallabies.

Eight of them. One thought that crossing the road just in front of my car was an exciting adventure. Another just sat in the middle of the lane scratching its nose. The rest mostly poked their nose into the asphalt, apparently trying to judge its nutritive value.

This was all at sunset. They do warn you about this. Apparently, the road is the cool place to be at sundown, in wallaby town. It's the trendy disco, the fashionable lounge, the seat of all excitement.

I was thrilled myself. I was excited as a child in a theme park. I tried to get close to a couple of them with photographic intentions, to no avail. They don't mind your car hitting them, but you'll find they're quickly hoppping away as soon as you try to take a snapshot. Reclusive, shy, suicidal little bastards they are.

*wallaby = small to medium-sized kangaroo


maw'n'paw said...

I can't wait to tell everybody about your adventures.
But more than that, it's your English:it's looking up, my son!Have the best of times.
This goes for your grandpas, too:all our love and kisses

paumickey said...

Hei Dani!!!
You cannot imagine how difficult it is not to enter your blogg. So here I am again. I just love to read all about your adventures, they're surprising, funny... and the pictures...and the little map!!! I've seen there's a little Brighton there in Tasmania!!!heheh
Also I must tell you I learn more English from you than in class, thank you!!
Take care, BIG HUG

MakurA said...

Juer, me voy a sentir un perro posteand yo en español y todos los hisponoparlates (deduzco) posteando como diox manda en shakespiriano xDDD

Pero es que no es lo mismo cagarme en Ross y envidiarte por haber visto canguros (maldita sea, me reconcome los testículos la envidia!), que hacerlo en english (my testicles are been eaten by Envy) xDDD

Tienes que hacerte una foto con los coanguros! Dentro de la bolsa en plan "Family Guy" como mínimo!!!

Jueno, besos y abrazos!

Y saludos a los posteadores españoles que sospecho que conozco en persona (aunque sea de habérmelos cruzado brevemente en las escaleras de Erosky xDDD).

PS. "Quijtv" Esta también se ve bien, aunque parece el nombre de un canal de televisión para enfermos mentales. Tenía niveles de dificultad cual Street Fighter y lo has bajado? =P
PS. Ups! Pues he fallado! Probemos de nuevo: cbiuh (Suena a alguien que se la ha pillado con la bragueta)