Saturday, 16 February 2008

Thailand Hopping

Flight from Singapore to Bangkok: 19 €
Taxi from the Airport (rip-off!): 2.20 €
Two-room flat with private bathroom: 5.55 €
One meal: 0.60 €
One beer at convenience store: 0.55 €

Spending One Night in Bangkok: priceless


maw said...

Who said it was easy to distribute riches?
The problem is one can't live sixfold in Pau-France for a 32€ night;or eleven-fold on the outskirts of London for 55 pounds, for that matter

maw said...

Weeell,since no one else felt like posting this weekend(could it be because they are all waiting for you to be back), let me make it clear that I managed to wear out the mouse-pad with the innumerable clicks I made to see what else you uploaded, whether there are comments on that wonderful place called `<^>[]< (or something) where I can see your laughing cartoon image...
If the weather is fine, enjoy, my son. Hopefully the sun will be back shining in the sky of Safganistan by the time you set foot on the Barajas airport.

MasterMan said...

I guess if they don't feel like posting it's because they're hungover ^_^

The first place of weird wiggles, กรุงเทพมหานคร, is Bangkok.
The second place of weird wiggles, ภูเก็ต, is Phuket, where my laughing cartoon is right now.

The weather is hot, wet, but bearable. And it feels so much better now, after being reminded about the leaded sky of Madrid. BrRrRr!

MakurA said...

Joder, se me hace raro pensar que vuelves de verdad... Ya me había hecho a la idea de mirar para abajo y saludar con la mano a mi amigo Dani y vuelves! =D

Añoraré escribir infructuosamente estos malditos "rcadk"s para ver si cambias de opinión xDDD