Thursday, 7 February 2008

Fraser Island

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Ah, so beautiful it hurts. So beautiful it makes me sad.

You want to see all of it, but you don't have the time, so you have to choose. You're surrounded by such beauty you can't capture it in a photo. It's something you can't really share, no matter how nice your pics may turn out. You need to go there to know.

I went to Fraser in the standard backpacker way: squeezed into a 4WD Toyota with 9 other people, in a "self-drive safari" as they call it. Ten people + all guys + 3 days + lots of beers = great fun. It was a super cool group with really great guys, if I may say so myself, and a great dynamic overall.

We were lucky to have "Mamma" Tom with us to take care of the cooking and change our nappies. We had great food: sandy macaroni, sandy tuna, sandy-flavoured potatoes and even sandy salad. Yummy and crunchy. Let's not forget that Fraser is "the biggest sand island in the world". Just sand. Sand is everywhere, and eventually gets into everything.

The car we got was possibly older than myself, a rusty piece of sssscrap that was falling to pieces. Just as Bluey* ("hey goyz,goyz") was telling us not to mind the rust, the disfunctionality of a safety belt, the handbrake not working and the fuel gauge being whimsy, the rear view mirror cartoonishly fell off. Kudos to the guy for continuing his speech as if it was the most common thing, not even a muscle twitching on his face.

Nevertheless, the drive was good. And bumpy, thus loads of fun. We got sort of stranded in the morning of the last day, because of an unusually high tide (on Fraser, the beach is the highway. And the landing strip), but we made it to Indian Head, and it was oh so much worth it. All of Fraser was: the lakes, the rainforests, the dunes, the other lakes, the cliffs and the sea, the birds, the sunrises, the whole of it. I could go on about it for a long while, but this post is getting too long already. Just check the pics.

As a side note, you're not likely to find a toilet on Fraser. So, we had to carry our own with us.This is my artistic impression of it:

*Bluey = Aussie-speak for "redhead". In this particular case, the nickname of the complete asshole we had to deal with.


m said...

Not that new-zealenders are already tired of so many tourists, eh?
What with planes, gliders, balloons and bungees: surely gdp higher becuase of globetrotters, backpackers and adventureseekers .

maw said...

ahem, the above em is from me

Tobias said...

Pictures are much more impressive if it is that nice can Fraser Island look like. Our weather wasn't that good for such nice pictures. Just the Indian Head look nice on my pictures. Lucky guy ;).

MakurA said...

Un huevo de colegas, muchas birras, playitas wapas y un 4x4 destartalado. Mooola! ^.^'

Y la foto del WC no tiene desperdicio xDDD En pequeñito no veía muy bien lo que había dentro del mango de la pala pero en grande tiene más coña todavía =D

Hala a seguir leyendo y espameando =P

PS. No sirve absolutamente para nada mi "presión" psicológica, verdad? "pbhhdov" (por cierto, juraría que ya he escrito este. Podrías buscarlo en Gmail? xDDD)
PS. Mierda, fallé =( Probemos de nuevo: "ugjzbqpc"

Yiyi said...

ey, caquita guapa!!
Truman, de verdad que me utilizabas papel de rollo de mala calidad como ese??
Conociéndote, de verdad que en este viaje te estás haciendo a todo!

MasterMan said...

maw: Oh yes, absolutely right.

Tobias: Lucky for once!

Maku: No, tu presion no sirve ^_^ El que quiera comentar, que se lo curre!

yiyi: Me has pillado. Ese era el rollo comun, el que usaba el resto de la gente. Yo, claro, tenia el mio propio, de papel de seda con un motivo de perritos juguetones, olor a almendras y un suave toque de jazmin.

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