Wednesday, 13 February 2008


It was during the Aussie leg of my journey when I learned that New Zealanders are more commonly known as "kiwis". The explanation for this, however, has remained elusive until now.
I have at last found out why. In much the same way that the kangaroo is the symbol of Australia, the symbol of New Zealand is the Kiwi: a flightless nocturnal bird that looks like... well, like a kiwi would look if it had two stubby legs and a long thin beak. In order to differenciate national symbol and food, the fruit is called, in an explosion of creativity, a "kiwifruit".

As for the symbolism of the national symbol, you could argue for the nocturnality of the New Zealanders, but the one thing they're not is flightless. The kiwiest thing there is is to throw yourself off any number of heights, using any number of sophisticated devices for keeping you alive after the fall. Any mountain, bridge or tower you see, chances are you can jump off it for a reasonable sum. Jump down caves, into the rivers, or from any number of planes, over mountains, lakes and cities.

As for the bird itself, for all you see statues and pictures of it, it's practically impossible to see it in the wild and very difficult even in captivity. You can, however, be lucky and spot it on a road sign:


maw said...

Show me how to love
Show me howda loove
Show me howda loooOoooghve...

MakurA said...

Juer, me he puesto tierno pensnado en kiwis aleteando sus pequeñas alitas... =')

"fmutdxu" es el que dice fmutduxadas =S

MakurA said...

Por cierto, la afoto en pequeño parece un montaje (bordes pixelados en la parte del kiwi y tal).

La he abierto en grande para ver si estaba pegada con el paintbrush xDDD