Thursday, 7 February 2008


I jumped the Nevis. Here's the proof:


maw said...

Woe betide of mommas who won't listen to the voice of reality, praise for those who learn from their children. Aye, you're bloody well right: wherever you go is just an island in an endless sea,wherever you jump is just the void that surrounds us, whatever you feel is the image of your deed, whatever you think is the essence of your self.
Cherishing hugs from
Your most devoted student

Tobias said...

Crazy staff, ey? It's not as easy as it looks like, is it?
I guess your spirit makes the weather always change into a nice one. But just traveling would turn me happy as well :)! But I am just 20 :D...enjoy tour time. How is your money going?

MakurA said...

El video no tira. Y la foto es un montaje. Tiene que serlo, porque no veo los vaqueros mojaditos como corresponde la situación xDDD

Juer, macho, que vértigo! Yo siempre había querido hacer puenting, paracaidismo y este tipo de cosas, pero la última vez que fui a un parque de atracciones descubrí que soy un mariquita y creo que me cagaría literalmente ='(

Parece que ya me he puesto al día, no? Un abrazote pues!

PS. "pwish" I pwish, pwish... Not to write those annoying words in my fucking life again! =P

DraXus said...

OMFG! You're crazy motherf*cker! xDD

How about the experience?? Amazing, I guess :)

MasterMan said...

maw: You beat me in poetry yet again! Thx, thx! ^_^

Tobias: Absolutely crazy. I loved it! My money is, very precisely, going, little by little, going.

Maku: El video tira perfectamente. En esta ocasion es problema de tu portatil-cafetera! Actualiza el flash o pasate a Pentium :P

DraX: Un-be-fuck-in-li-vea-ble! I was about to do it again ($100 extra), but I managed to hold back and save my wallet yet another wallop.

paumickey said...

Hei Dani!!!!
How´s everything going? I've just read everything I couldn't read these weeks (blody exams, grrr) and I think I have the answer to the question I've just made.
While I'm writing this I'm watching the new pictures...AMAZING
Conque tirándote al vacíooooooooo. Sólo de verlo ma dao vértigo jejej.
I've read so many things in so little time that I don't know what to say, beutiful images come into my mind and some experiences you'll have to retell...
Enfin (âfê)...
Keep enjoying!!! (no hace falta q te lo diga)
Besotes wapo.

PD: me voy a Egipto el lunes 18!!!, only a week to go!!! Estoy deseando ir y pasarlo la mitad de bien que tu.
Más besotes ;-)