Sunday, 3 February 2008

Get your motor running

I'm about to set out on yet another road trip, now through the North island of New Zealand.

I still carry many stories in my sack. I can feel their weight, I can see them piling up, impatient to be written. I still have to tell you about surfing and kayaking, Fraser Island and New Zealand, Queenstown and bungy jumping. And many other things, too.

But for now, I cannot. With a bit of luck, in a few days, so please hold on through yet another commercial break. Now, it is the time to accomplish my mission, to finish my quest. I'm going to try and get as far away from Ascobendas-Safghanistan as the Earth will allow me.

Onwards, to the Antipode.


Tobias said...

I assume you not just have many stories to carry in your sack! Go Tribal!
Anyway, I am moving forwards with my blog, thanks for your adviced, but how to enlarge my pics? I used the link from picasa as you told me.
And: I am not a master diver, just in the advanced step, but still enough to be proud of :D!
Enjoy your master traveling with $5 for food a week!

maw said...

Okay, mate. If you say-to-be patient,
we will. If you advise us to-buy-us another laptop we will(!)
Only take care. Be yourself - I somehow know you might just miss the trouble of bad company.
And don't forget:
è pur si muove...

paw said...

WHAT is your quest?
WHAT is your favourite colour?
WHAT is the average speed of a swallow?

Yiyi said...

Well, sometimes I wonder if you have began this travel only to be Far Away Away from me. Grrr!!
Lucky guy!
You got some news, I got some too, not to be proud of, but sth to tell. I am groing a little bit, thought I am not feeling really happy, snif, snif
Have fun for all of us!

MakurA said...

Y harás la foto con bandera y todo?

Ju tío, si nos ponemos de acuerdo nos podemos sincronizar con un GPS y estar exactamente en la otra parte del mundo.

A veces creo que la tierra sí que es plana y nos engañan a todos con la tele ='(

PS. "bogvqoqy"

MasterMan said...

Tobias: Allow me a stopover in Madrid before getting into technical bloggy things! Too busy right now!

paw: An Aussie or a Kiwi swallow? (finally!)

yiyi: Of course it is to be away from YOU! It was always YOU! You, you... YOU!

Maku: Bandera no pensaba, no. Era el torito lo que me hacia media ilu, pero por diversas circunstancias, y nada desagradables, me he visto sin tiempo para tales filigranas. Ah, y que sepas que eres un conspiranoico en fase terminal xD