Monday, 18 February 2008

I have decided

I am not going back.


I am not going back to bloody Madrid, and much less to the scumpit satellite settlement that's coated so many years of my short life with its sticky stinking mud of stale insipid mediocrity.

Life is too short to waste it watching your days spilling away into a reeking sinkhole. I am never, ever going back to that.

That said, I'm stopping there for a while. But I'm not going back. I'm going forward, this is just a stopover. A 6-month stopover, possibly. I need to refuel my pockets and maybe get some academic stuff done.

At some point, when my planets are in the right order, I will fly away, wherever the winds will land me.


maw said...

Funny way, though, to let us know about you. When will we ever learn?

Bruti said...

The Y - Generation feeling occurs in you. Good on'ya, Daniel! You already have a basement to work on but I still need one.
Go away, but don't go with the flow. Ah - I forgot: you will be taken by the wind.

Nachenko said...




Who's gonna ride the Campus Party with me if you go to the far side of the world?

DraXus said...

That's the problem, money isn't unlimited (Are you really keep going to the university? xD).

I hope see you in Valencia, Granada or anywhere anyway ;)

MakurA said...

Se me ocurren cosas profundas que decir, y cosas que sencillamente lo parecen, pero creo que me (y te) las ahorraré todas.

A excepción hecha de "El auténtico viaje es el retorno", que decía alguna escritora con nombre de tía malvada de telenovela (Ursula).

A ver cómo se da la cosa. Espero verte pronto. Dejo slots mil libres en la agenda para ti.

PS. "kiwkcwds"

Helenatxu said...