Friday, 25 January 2008


After the recent weather and events, I was expecting to label this post either "Shitsundays" of "Wetsundays". But against all forecast, I had great weather almost all the time.

So I sailed. And I ab-so-lute-ly loved it. All through this trip I've been rediscovering that I love being at sea, and this has been the final confirmation. I didn't get seasick (though one night I did get goon-sick*) and I loved the bobbing, the waves and the wind.

And so I dived. And I ab-so-lute-ly loved it. More on diving in a future post. And I snorkeled, and I swam, and I hiked in the forest and walked the white sands.

And I stood on deck, while I cruised over the waves, through the wind, under the burning sun, watching the rugged green hills rise from a sea of colours.

I keep saying "I", but all this time, of course, I was not alone. That was perhaps the worst part of the trip: the company. Mostly couples, and a few Paddies* who drank all day and spoke with the heaviest accent I've ever heard. Except for two of them who were nice guys, I spent most of the trip in undesirable company. I don't mind being alone, I'm fine with that, but I hate being alone with people around me. And it's difficult to get away on a boat, you can't get farther than a very few meters.

In a nutshell, I love the sea, I hate organized trips, I want my own boat.

* goon=Cheapest alcoholic beverage in Australia. Apparently a sort of box wine, with fish and eggs somehere in the manufacturing process. Guaranteed to get you badly pissed in no time, and to give you a serious headache and hangover the next morning.
* Paddy=person from Ireland


maw said...

How could I only visit your post, enjoy the pictures AND the text, and refrain from commenting?!I can't stop saying wOw, wOOw, ABsolutely WONderful, we're so happy for you, so proud of you, embezzled at the joy you feel in every frame. I wish you the best for the rest of your stay, take care of adventurous colds and undesirable infections, PLEAse!

Tobias said...

It seems you have a GIG Finger :D, I am just joking. Basically, your writing and decribing of what you felt and experienced should be something to try out for me. Instead of commenting all my thoughts, unusuable stories and blabla, I am gonna try to cut the story short, almost a summary. Might be easier for you to read as well, might not it? :D.

Ah, before I forget to mention: I am ab-so-lute-ly sorry for your company, but you can't meet people like me everywhere, *just laugh about that, don't think I am serious*.
How many people could you really talk to on your east-coast trip? Just Adrian? I assume you understand pretty well with him, didn't you - he is a funny and nice, not more :D...

Operation Shrimps. you might need the pillow. Keep in contact, friend!

Dacoga said...

La mar , lar mar .... yo recuerdo la mar , con nostalgia ,con anhelo en cierta forma , sentir su calido baiben , la mar ... aquella piva de mi tuto con unas berzasss.... ;)
Pd : k te creias , k iva a p0onerme tierno en un foro

MasterMan said...

maw: Thx, thx!! I'm so so happy that you're so happy! ^_^
No worries! She'll be right!

Tobias: I DO have a gigantic "finger". The sail doesn't let you see it ^_^
Met loads of people. Told you about Adrian 'cause it was surprising to find out what a small world this is.

Dacoga: hey! eso no lo sabia yo! me tendras que dar todos los detalles a la que coincidamos ;)

Dacoga said...

cuenta con ello , yo pagare la primera ronda ,. Por cierto necesitare lecciones de bloggeo :

Nachenko said...

Oh, capitán, mi capitán...

MakurA said...

Cuantos comentarios, no? xDDD

La gente te quiere! ^.^'

PS. "xrsrqgp" Creo que esta no la acierto...