Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Being stranded in Litchfield left me one day short for my intended itinerary, so I had to shoot through Kakadu like a stray bullet. I couldn't see much, for I was in a hurry and most of the park was flooded anyway. But what I saw, I liked.

I loved the night, watching the lightning make a display of fireworks in the clouds over the horizon and the fireflies flashing on the ground, as if echoing the message of the twinkling stars in the sky.

I liked the swamps of the wetlands and the swarms of birds flying over the sunset. It all looked so much like a documentary on the BBC that I found I missed David Attenborough speaking in the background.

It was brief and limited, but well worth the 500km drive(even if just for the photos).


maw said...

Whatever it takes to pose so nicely is worth the trouble!

MakurA said...

Pareces un Power Ranger! Yeah! xDDD

La foto eclipsa el post =D

PS. "tbbaow" Eso parece un tipo bostezando y pidiendo tabaco a la vez. O un gato fumador.

Yiyi said...

Yo ya he mandado a una copistaría que me ploteen un poster