Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The Rocks

Words fail me, so I'll make two brief lists and let the photos speak for themselves.

I liked:
- Kata Tjuta, Uluru and King's Canyon, in this order
- The colours, the shapes, the shades, the wrinkles of Uluru
- The desert on a starry night
- The nice company

I disliked:
- Going with an organized trip. It was a great trip though, but I still hated the come-on-move-on-take-your-pictures-lets-go-hurry-upishness.
- The abo crap you get shoveled into your face from every plaque, poster and signpost. More on this in a future rant.


MakurA said...

Se te ve muy contento en las fotos =)

A ver si me da tiempo a leer unos cuantos posts antes de marcharme al curro!

PS. "rsfbl"

maw said...

¿A que esta es la Roca de Ayer?

MasterMan said...

Es ya la de Anteayer, no veas como vuela el tiempo cuando viajas!

maw said...

hocus-pocus, ni vu-ni connu, no mires, hay sms en tu mobile sin responder: erasmus pocos y...