Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Thank you for your cooperation

Indeed. My most sincere and deepest thanks go to all those of you who leave your comments here. You provide me with that extra bit of motivation that I need so many times.

Keep in mind that without your comments, this blog would be nothing. Ok, it's nothing much anyway, but it would be nothing at all. So thank you all again.

And now, all you who read this and never leave a comment, please do. I know you're out there anyway (I've been watching you, muhahaha) but it would be nice to also know who you are and what you think. It doesn't have to be literature, long, juicy or spicy. Don't think this is a private club. Everybody's welcome (well, most people anyway). So come on in! Just say hello, here I am. That will make me happier and this blog less boring. C'mon, let this be that extra bit of motivation you need.


maw'n'paw said...

Ooooh, I would even leave a photo, if only I knew how to upload it from the mobile phone.
Yes, you can count us in - and count on us, of course.
No worries, mate! More will step on board: it's just that you blog off for more days than expected; there's little left till the European weekend.
I enjoyed it, that's for sure; all the more so because I take it for granted that good stories are in store for me every time you blog...

MakurA said...

Aquí es donde esperabas miles de posts de esos lectores anónimos verdad? Pues ya verás lo perra que es la peña xDDD

Por eso te posteo tanto, porque sé la ilu que hace. Por cierto, debes decirme cuantas visitas tienes al día, que desde que he puesto las google analitycs estoy deprimido ='(

Aquí seguiremos espameando al pie del cañón!

PS. "hqsyoft" El cuartel general suave...

Yiyi said...

Puuuuuues a spamear se ha dicho!!!