Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I had fun in Cairns*, though mostly of the indoors, beerful variety. Difficult to have any other under the bloody rain.

I quite liked Cairns, for the very reason most people wouldn't. It's touristy. Big big time. Every section of a building that could conceivably be a shop, is a shop. And every shop caters for tourists (and especially backpackers) in some way. Either it's a souvenir shop, a travel agency/dive tour operator, a restaurant or a bottle shop. I love that. It makes me feel that I'm in a theme park. Which is, in a way, correct. Cairns is the Great Barrier Reef Theme Park. All the expensive snorkelling/diving daytrips you never wanted are just a few hundreds of dollars away. I would have thought about it, had the weather behaved more correctly.

Most of what I did was hang around with some great folks. Folks, you know who you are. Tobias loves to see his name written down, so hello Tobias! Hay goin' mate? Goodonya! Por la republica!

We spent what I now recall as one endless night of beer drinking at The Woolshed, but it must have surely spanned several days. Free meals, free drinks, lots of people to meet and a wet t-shirt contest. Everything but the sex, all in one place.

Taking advantage of a short daylight pause in the endless Woolshed Night, I jumped on board Sebastian's 4WD "Pajero" on a day trip to Daintree National Park. Saw it, loved it. Didn't go to Cape Tribulation though, which is a pity, but I must say we were tired and it was not the best weather for it.

I also missed Kuranda. I would have liked to take the "scenic railway", but in the end, all I could think of was that it would feel so good to be out of the rain. So I booked a crammed up package of adventure down the coast for the next 2 weeks, had a fair dinkum* Aussie barbie* with the mates on the last day, said goodbye to Cairns and jumped on my early morning bus with a feeling of expectation for the new horizons.

* Cairns is, against all logic and common sense, pronounced "cans". As in, "cairns" of beer.
* Fair dinkum=true, 100%, completely
* Barbie = barbecue


maw said...

I quote from memory,"But this is water you find underground and you dig for it real deep down!"
"Nah,they say it drops from the sky like you blow air on glass when it's cold outside."
"How do YOU know that?"
"The country I come from calls it rain"

MakurA said...

Camisetas mojadas! Yipiheeeeyyyy!!! =D

Uff, tengo que apresurarme con el spam, que llego tarde al curro y todavíua quedan posts por mancillar!

PS: El "cubjw" de Rubick!

Yiyi said...

Cuando dices que lo que te gusta es un lugar turístico con tiendas me revuelvo a dar cuenta de que no tenemos los mismos gustos.
Ya veo que te juntas con hispanohablantes, por sus motes, vamos.
Por cierto, que el Tobias tiene el mismo nombre que el perro que tenía en Inglaterra (dile que no se lo tome a mal si le vuelves a ver)

PS: O el "khivthzx" de Rubick