Friday, 26 December 2008

Go Central

When the never-ending sprawling labyrinths of silent streets lined with crumbling brown-faced victorian houses by the railway bridges of Lewisham get my spirits too low for the fried chicken/kebab shops and off-licence Kwik-e-Marts of New Cross to raise, I jump on board a wheeled red cocktail-shaker and go on a pilgrimage to London Central.

I walk the shushed back streets of Westminster and the chilly banks of the Thames, then I hop on the first bus to anywhere. I climb the hills of Hampstead Heath, where foxes howl at night. I tread on the crackling rustling of dry leaves in Green and St James' parks, then get a free UV session by standing outlined against the squall of colour and light in Piccadilly Circus. I take a tour of spicy SoHo, watching dealers and strip clubs, among the ringing and squeaking of rickshaws and the calls of alcohol-marinated chavs.

In the day, I plunge into the avalanche of shoppers in Oxford Street and raging hordes of tourists elsewhere, having my body bumped against a thousand bodies, and my ears caressed by a thousand different languages, both familiar and exotic.

In the night, I walk alone through soulless streets, the sleeping city my good company. I watch the orangey silhouette of Big Ben ghostly rising from the silent mist, propped up by a ray of orange light. Dancing on the dark Thames I find the surprised O of the London Eye, the moon its written accent. I lose myself in the labyrinth of glass and light of the Docklands, my sights on the tip of One Canada Square, hypnotized by its rhythmic lightning bolt electrocuting the speeding clouds.

Hammersmith to Islington, Camden to Victoria, I zigzag through London in the night. I make my way back in the ambiguous hours when early risers go jogging and hordes of hooker-dressed clubbers dizzystep their giggly way back wherever they call home, wearing their high heels in their hands. Refreshed and uplifted, I go back to my current residence in London's Bronx, knowing that Central is the place to be, dreaming of the day I can finally Go Central for real.


MakurA said...

Potitas afotos =')

Me quedo con la última, en la que sales tú como quien no quiere la cosa xDDD

Merry Christmas, a happy new year and all the usual stuff! =D

euge said...

That's really, honestly a deep insight into the life if It. Everything sounds like a fresh new start, wish for the best, as we do, too.

DraXus said...

London night is beautiful :D

euge said...

At long last! There are photos on Flickr, long waited for photos - absolutely beautiful. Patience does receive its reward.

You'll never stop surprising me, that's for sure. Thank you in the name of all your faithful followers (who will be so kind as to browse on their own...)

euge said...

So how can you tell me you're lonely
and say for you that the sun don't shine?

Let me take you by the hand and
lead you through he streets of London

And I'll show you something
to make you change your mind...

A Happy New Year, sonny!

MasterMan said...

Maku: Las fotos mu potitas, pero al texto que le den, no? :P Pensaba yo que tu afición a los cómics iba más allá de mirar los dibujitos y no tener que leer xD

DraXus: Con tanta iluminación de noche y tanto río los flickerianos granaínos os luciríais por aquí ;)

euge: Thx! Happy New Year, mommy and daddy! ^_^