Monday, 3 November 2008

Snow in October

"Is it always foggy here?"
"Oh, not at all! Only when it's not raining..."
-- from Asterix chez les Bretons
There's supposed to be nothing more British than talking about the weather. No surprise, as there's so much of it going on all the time. As "the Eskimos have 100 words for snow", the British certainly have quite a few words for rain.

I've had drizzles and spits and showers. I've seen it mizzling and sprinkling and pouring down. And I know more downpours and deluges and squalls are on the way. I've had rain and fog enough to last me one year, and I've only been here 45 days.

Today, I woke up to a grey new day. I walked out into a cloud. As soon as I was engulfed in it, this sentence came to my mind:

"Fog so thick you can't see your dick"

Wearing glasses is bad enough. Wearing glasses in the mist is pointless. Half a minute and I can't see where I'm stepping. It's just as well if I don't wear them.

When it's not misty it's because it's too windy for the water to stay suspended in the air for too long. Sometimes it's windy and dry and so cold it feels like you're walking through a cloud of razorblades. A few days ago, it snowed. It was quick and didn't last long on the ground. But it snowed. In October.

And in the midst of all this, while I wear two wool caps and shiver my way to and fro like a wet mole, semi-naked loonies in reflective vests jog on the streets, zigzagging among the chaotic traffic and the crowds of commuters, huffing and puffing and steaming away into the all-engulfing grey haziness. Tic-tic-tic, ils sont fous, ces Bretons.


ma9 said...

Welcome back! - I hope it'll be for more frequent posting, eh?

The Sierra Nevada is already rightly so..., the opening of the skiing season is on the 15th of November.

No complaints weather wise though: the average temperature in Sanse-Villalba suits the expected range for November.

Chilly cheers!

MasterMan said...

Yup, so do I. Happy to know everything's peachy :)

Thundering thanks!

Yiyi said...

Poz yo más bien te respondo en mi blog, que va a tener una entrada un tanto contraria a la tuya, bipolar, vamos.
De momento te comento cómo empezará la entrada, inspirándome en los clásicos:

- Is it always the sun shining in here?
- Oh, no! Only when it is not burning.
Asterix in La Costa del Sol