Monday, 16 February 2009

The things we have

On the 21st day of January of 2009 I became another happy inmate of the Goldsmiths student halls. I now live in Batavia Mews, right next door to the hostel I spent over a month in, and just opposite Goldsmiths. I fall off bed into class. I share a 3-story, quite uphill "flat" with 6 other guys of exquisite awesomeness. We each have a room. This is mine:
my room in Ratavia Meowsmy room in Ratavia Meows
my room in Ratavia Meowsmy room in Ratavia Meows

I have the best views of the London skyline from my window. By day
the skyline of London as seen from my window
and night.
London skyline by night

We have a dodgy backalley. From there, it looks like a prison.
the Dodgy Backalley
I call it Ratavia Meows. We don't have many rats. We have mice. They're nice. We have a kitchen, which is almost always in a post-Katrina state. We also have a balcony with nice views, and a roof you can climb on. Sometimes we go out there for a laugh.

Goldsmiths from the kitchen by nightBalcony of Ratavia Mews by night

We have more broadband internet than we can give use to. We have 3 toilets, one bathtub and one shower, 2 ovens and 2 fridges, one microwave, a few fastidious kettles and 2 vacuum cleaners we seldom use. We have the cheapest rent and the most complaining cleaner ever. We have clanking metal stairs on the outside and a security fence to keep us in, we have springy mattresses and endless creaking stairs inside to keep us in shape. We have heaps of fun.

And we have many parties. The other day, I had my own.

We have all I could ask for, and then some. Isn't it good, Batavia Mews.


euge said...

Oh, that's absobloominglutely neat!

Mmmm, I like it! It sounds like integration and this IS wonderful.
Good on ye, keep it up!

DraXus said...

I hate you. I want that views!

PS: Nice and tidy room :)

Yiyi said...

I don't really get this thing about Batavia Mews, is that the name of the residence or sth like that?

Another thing, how many people went to your first, but not last party?
I hope you make one when I go (but not when I leave xDD )

Have fun mate, and careful with the roof!

MasterMan said...

euge: integration, always better than disintegration :D

Drax: that's because I've just moved in ^_^ Yupp, bloody good views. I definitely can't complain about that.

Yiyi: Yes indeed, out of the many halls of residence at Goldsmiths, Batavia Mews is one (the cheapest one).

I had 50 odd attendees, but never more than 30 people together at the same time. They kept coming and going. We'll see about that party for when u come. U need to commit to clean afterwards :P

Anonymous said...

i lived in batavia mews too! what flat were you in? the pictures look like the one i was in (though they all look the same) i lived in flat 11, i met my boyfriend and bestfriends here i loved living at batavia