Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hello again

Moving from my ex-flat to the hostel, birthday parties, non-birthday parties, spontaneous late-night beers, interesting new acquaintances, moving from the hostel into the student halls, the Asian Week, Obama's inauguration, a screening at BAFTA, a lecture at the Instituto Cervantes, comedy in Greenwich, the National Gallery, Hello Again the musical, snowball fights, gym evenings, beers, meeting new people to have beers with, meeting old people to have beers with, walks through Central, pub quizzes and 1-pound-pints, clubbing all I could bear and then some, parties in halls, pub encounters, plus of course lectures and seminars and creative writing workshops, translations to do, books to read (about), library times, essays to start thinking about, and all the eating, sleeping, shopping, showering and washing-up inherent to (a healthy) life.

These are some of the activities that have prevented me from posting anything here for such a long long time. And now for something completely different.


euge said...

Well, who wouldn't make do with eight days a week?
Train, but don't strain...
Keep it up!:)

Yiyi said...

You gotta explain me this thing about the BAFTA, about the lecture in the Cervantes and show me some pictures of the National Gallery. I guess it must be brilliant!!

Damn lucky you!