Saturday, 17 November 2007

Britannia 2007 - Afterthoughts

This trip’s been a pretty serious thrashing. My first 5 days home I had to spend on just sleeping. My batteries had run out, I was completely depleted of energy. For much of the trip I ran on willpower alone. Twenty days of just running from place to place, walking, climbing up and down, eating on £2 a day, catching up on lost sleep in trains, all the while dragging my bulky backpack behind. I can’t complain; I chose it myself. But I’ve learned a bit of a lesson for next time.

Even so, I’ve had some the most fun I can remember. I’ve loved every day, cherished every moment. (Okay, make that every day but two. If you’ve read the previous posts, you know why.)

Traveling on my own has been an incredible, wonderful experience. I can hardly wait to do it again. It sure does get lonely at times, but I say it’s a small price to pay for the freedom you get. Important decisions take seconds. Plans can be made on passing whims and instant curiosity. No discussions, no quarrels, no need for agreement, no resentment, no getting tired of your company, no feeling tied to anyone.

Just Express Tourism, the way I like it. Hop off the train, walk about, visit the local landmarks, take your pictures, hop on again. Conjugate that with the hostel experience: meeting some new, very interesting people in every new place you get to. Occasionally, add a few beers and shake, don’t stir. I know, that doesn’t make for a very comprehensive experience, but it’s just what I wanted to do on this trip. Getting the complete feeling of a place, really mixing with the locals, requires you to spend much, much more time there. This I don’t feel like doing right now. For now, it suffices that I have Been There, I have Done That.

And now for something completely different.


MakurA said...

Me ha encantado eso del "turismo express" =D

Si no fuera porque oido el hecho de viajar, o si existiera la teleportación, seguiría tu ejemplo. Quedarse en un sitio para conocerlo de verdad, es la excsa que ponemos los vagos como yo xDDD

Y me encanta el nuevo aspecto del blog y la funcionalidad que parece que tendrá. Mi incultura geográfica y yo te agradecermos mucho que nos lo pongas fácil con los mapas ^.^

Hablamos antes de que saltes de nuevo, pero para que quede constancia bloguera, ya sabes que aquí tienes un seguidor y un admirador en la penísula.

Un abrazote!

PS. Vas a replantearte en esta ocasión el llevar menos equipaje? Dime que te convenció eso de la minimochila y sentiré que he hecho algo útil en mi vida! =P
PS. Odio escribir letrujas que nunca se entienden bien ='( Has tenido problemas de SPAM?
PS. Segundo intento de verificar la puta palabra. De verdad es necesario? No crees que deberías ponerlo más fácil? =S
PS. Mmmm... Sorry pals, but as you should know, spanish guys are lazy people with big hats, and writing just a few words in English is all than I can afford xDDD

MasterMan said...

Thanx, man! :D

My reply's in your inbox!

Un abrazzote!