Sunday, 25 November 2007

Getting bored of Sydney...

would require a preposterously huge amount of time and a very limited cash availability.

Most people I've talked to are staying there for 20 or more days. This surprised me at first, but now I see the wisdom in their ways. Three days is much too short a stay, in a place so full of amazing things to see and do.

But for now I have to move on. At least I have seen the sights, even if I have not yet done the deeds. That I have to leave for next time. My Sydney checklist as of today:

- Walk around all the CBD (done)
- Paddy's Markets (done)
- Sydney Aquarium
- Wildlife World
- Sydney Zoo
- Climb up Sydney tower (done)
- Boat trip of the bay
- Cross the bridge to Kirribilli (done)
- See the Opera House from every conceivable angle (done)
- Sydney by night: city lights (done)
- Bondi Beach & Coogee
- Tour of the Blue Mountains
- Take a look around Glebe and Bondi Junction
- Ingest ludicrous amounts of alcohol in merry company

Loads of things To Be Done. I hope I'll get the chance to put a few more ticks on the list.


MakurA said...

Has visto? Si eso de ir corriendo a todos lados no tiene tanta gracia! xDDD

Juer, me está dando envidia el viaje, cabrón! =P

No te posteo mucho que ya te voy a espamear en los otros dos posts y no mola xDDD

Un abrazote!

PS. La cutrepoesía!
Ayer cavé un gujero. Y miré pabajo.
No te veia.
Ayer seguí cavando. Y pegué el oído.
No te sescucha.

maw said...

From down-under to up-over(or up-ossum?) and around and around... Missing you, cherishing you and gently tapping you on the shoulder