Thursday, 2 April 2009

In memoriam

Classes are no more. They have ceased to be. They've gloriously expired and gone to meet their maker. The 2nd term finished on the 27th of March.

Four remaining Creative Writing workshops in May and 2 essays to hand in is all that keeps me a Goldsmiths student still.

One part of my stay here is over. Another one is just starting. My accommodation is secured at least until the 20th of June, yet in all probability July will see me here still. Three months left at least, and many, many possibilities.

I look out with a newborn's eyes into a glittering future heavy with potential. Study? Work? Travel? 'Tis for time to tell. In the meantime, I hum a requiem for the lost classes while drinking in memoriam.


euge said...

Hmm, in and out of celebrations, good on ye! No wonder you've taken to...humming so often!:)

MakurA said...

Pues no dejes de contar qué es lo que haces con esos tres meses, cacho perro! =D

A pasarlo bien!

paumickey said...

Dani!!! Por lo que leo menuda vida te estás pegando!! I'm very happy to find that you don't have classes anymore this year, and of course a bit jealous!! kiss