Thursday, 1 January 2009


May you all have a joyful, abundant, prosperous and unforgettable 2009! May it be full of riches and solid in health, ecstatic its every moment, epiphanic its every memory! Happy 2009!


euge said...

A Happy New Year to you, too!
It's been wonderful - watching the fireworks, what with the commentator not wanting to externalize his feelings, and the shrills of the crowd.

Well, the snowman turned out to be a complete success. The thing is that I forwarded it from a friend of mine who had received it from a friend of hers...and so I actually stuffed her sms in-box with as many snowmen as friends and acquaintances I have congratulated!

I'm trying to reproduce it, although I'm not sure it will look the same when you receive it
(':') /
Hmm, not quite the same. Maybe next year!
Kisses, see you soon

Yiyi said...

I had no idea you had so many cameras! WoowWWwww!!
Or is it that your blog is so famous that you got BBC as collaborators?

Happy happy New Year (and the followings to come), full of good health, smiles, sunshines, beautiful landscapes, futfilled dreams, friendship, maybe love, and most of all, your happyness.

Dacoga said...

Feliz 2009, la verdad es que los fuegos artificiales a la orilla del rio quedan muy bonitos ... uy esto a quedado muy sensiblero ... por cierto tomastes uvas?

MasterMan said...

Ma: Happy new year, again! I heard the voicemail, I must've been out of coverage. C'ya in 3 days :o)

Yiyi: Cheers mate! Same to u! Yupp, now Island Hopping incorporates BBC, via a hostile takeover ^_^

Dacoga: aquĆ­ en vez de uvas, toman pintas con cada campanada xDD