Thursday, 2 October 2008

Sordid details

At Dover Castle Hostel, mice ate my cheese. I left my food in a plastic bag under the bed. During the night, I heard noises and cursed my room-mates for it. In the morning, I ate my food and was surprised that I had eaten so much of the cheese already. Then I realized the whole wrapper was gnawed through and the plastic bag had huge holes in it. Then I saw the mouse in the kitchen. It stopped, looked at me and went as close to laughing his contempt at me as a mouse can ever do: he wrinkled his nose, moved his whiskers twice, then scurried away.

On my first night in London, and during my first party, my much-loved black jumper burned to ashes. Bloody decorative candles on tables. I suddenly saw it on the floor while a girl was energetically stamping on it as if on a very stoic cockroach. This isn't funny at all, I thought. Turns out it was in flames and she was trying to save it from complete combustion. Too late.

I found a room in a shared flat I really liked. I loved the area, the room and the views. The two girls seemed good company, and the price was affordable. Everything seemed quite perfect. But they decided to "go with someone else". Take that, ego.

London weather got me. I caught a nasty cold on the 4th day. Living in hostels is definitely tough on my health. In summer, they'll have the air conditioning on and I'll freeze while some guys sleep naked. In winter, some guys will continue to sleep naked and keep the window open, while I shiver inside my cocoon of thick fabric. In the morning, I will emerge from my cocoon, not as a butterfly, but still as a coughing pneumoniac caterpillar.


euge said...

"All that glitters is not gold" - don't you think it sounds a bit... odd, or doublespeak and topsy-turvy to begin by mentioning the all-compassing "all", when it should actually be "not all that glitters is gold"?!
They say you may come to think sordidness does not exist if you can avoid seeing it...It's the privilege of the few

DraXus said...

Oh, lovely sunny day in Granada :D

MasterMan said...

DraXus: I hate you more by the second :P

paumickey said...

Now I understand, blody mouse!
And the accident with youe jumper? que fuertecillo (don't know how to say it in English, How stronguecillo?)En fin...
At first when reading about your cold, I thounght: pobeshito...
But then... You're in England! New people, new subjects, new experiences...abrĂ­gate bien and enjoy!!!